Personal Artwork

‘Personal’ Artwork

I always loved painting and drawing from year dot, but for some reason art didn’t strike me as a proper career or vocation. As an artist or creative, the grip upon one’s ‘creative’ skill or talent can be a tenuous one – you don’t own it in a ‘conscious’ way, it’s fickle because of the need for inspirational and emotional states or conditions that empower the creativity, and these can be like holding sand in the palm of your hand. It all seemed so ineffable that I couldn’t imagine making use of it to build a career.

Instead I followed my love of Biology hoping to become a medical student and then a doctor after University. Unfortunately I never could overcome my squeamishness of surgery or my distaste of invasive animal experimentation, and so preferred the cognitive science of ‘Experimental Psychology’.

For me, now ( 2012) is a good time to return to art and really give it the time, space, respect and effort it deserved all along. I’m sure this will help in the creative design of Websites, applications, Ads, Mailers, and other forms of visual communication in the future.

It’s taken over 40 years to see that art in all its guises is vital to my wellbeing and joy. This is the driving force behind my work and this website. (Artwork is available for purchase and can be supplied printed and framed.)

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