Examples of client website builds / artwork and branding:   –  Olivia Cumming, Professional Osteopath, Highgate, London, UK   –   Solicitors, Bournemouth, England   –   Fireworks Displays, Shefford, Northamptonshire, England   –  Longbow VC, Mansfield, Notts., UK    –   Interior Designer, Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California    –   Consultants to the Amusement Industry, Lakeland, Florida    –   Wealth and Tax Consultancy, Strelley Notts., England   –   Children’s Charity in Polk County, Florida   –   Attorneys at Law, Tampa, Florida   –   Beautiful home ‘cosiness’, Warrington, Lancashire, England   –   Black Country Construction Co., Great Barr, Birmingham, West Midlands, England   –   Unpronouncable Christian Church, Atlanta, Georgia   –   Wealth and Tax Consultancy, Strelley Notts., England   –   An SEO and Rankings guru, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   –   MS-SharePoint Wizardry, Newton, Boston, Mass.   –   Career and CV services, St Louis, Missouri   –   SEO/Content/Social Media and Web Strategist, Mars   –   Insurance Company, Lakeland, Florida

When you have done good and another has benefitted, why do you still look, as fools do, for a third thing besides – credit for good works, or a return

  –  M. Aurelius, Meditations