Citroën have been huge innovators in vehicle technology and style.

For example, they were first to introduce brake lights, front wheel drive and disc brakes. From the first monococque chassied Traction Avant to the DS,SM,BX,CX,XM and beyond, I have always acknowledged, respected and approved of Citroën’s approach to motoring.

It’s not all about sheer horsepower, but rather, ‘finesse’. Low drag coefficients, lightweight construction, fabulous handling and ride comfort combine with gallic styling to make the ‘experience’ that literally does ‘move you’!

My father introduced me to Citroën in 1986 with his BX GTi 16v – the one with the famous hydrogas suspension. Wow, the handling was superlative. Nothing else then or since rides like it or handled like it. Only Citroën could make a sports car comfier than your living room sofa.

I have owned and loved many Citroëns, but found my favourite in a little lemon coloured C2 VTS go kart. In styling this car is a nod to the 2CV and in colour a nod to the ‘Petit Citron’ 5CV of the early 20th Century.

The loony 220BHP C2 S1600 ,
3 times winner of the Junior WRC
(2005, 2006 & 2008)

citron citroen

My 2005 (citron) Citroën C2 VTS