Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget: Adaptation and Intelligence

-Organic Selection and Phenocopy

This is the book that most influenced me at university. It’s a response to the criticisms made against Piaget’s theory in his book ‘Biology and Knowledge’.

In short Piaget is challenging the neo-Darwinist beliefs that acquired characteristics or adaptations cannot be hereditarily fixed, as per Lamarck’s Giraffes. Turn’s out that Piaget proves that in certain conditions fixing occurs in physiological forms and he postulates that this is also what is happening in psychological forms too, as the evolution of human intelligence.

Bringuier: You’ve just used the word “biology”. Have you come back to biology?
Piaget: Well, I haven’t come back to it – I’ve never left it.

Jean-Claude Bringuier, Conversations with Jean Piaget


What we see changes what we know.
What we know changes what we see