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1/4 English!

1/4 English!


My AncestryDNA results

Interestingly I have 66% Western European genes and only 20% British genes!

I’m a little surprised at this result because with the inclusion of the additional 10% Iberian genes my ancestry is 76% non British Isles!!

The results unsurprisingly confirm the considerable French content in my recent paternal and maternal ancestry, although the high percentage may also confirm that my forefathers were French Huguenot immigrants to the UK.

I suppose just from the gene expression it’s easy to tell really, as traditionally Brits are generally short, fair haired and fair skinned as well as being heavier set. I suppose I correspond to the original ‘Norman stereotype’: Tall- most people say 6’3″ is tall, (though I beg to differ, most people are just short) and dark haired, lanky, and much darker skinned than your average indiginous Brit.

However there’s more to it than that. Gene expression is not just a physical thing but also a psychological and cultural thing. Outside my family I recognised a culture and behavioural system that was markedly different to how I wanted to naturally express myself. I spent many years rather depressed about just how unevolved we all are down here and that I couldn’t make myself understood – like I was operating at a different frequency and all that others got from me was white noise! Of course, as a youngster you want to fit in so you think that you yourself must be the problem. Now at 50 I realise that I don’t need to fit in. We are what we are, or more accurately ‘I am that I am’ . I’m sure that the ego and its projections are illusions or ‘errors’. The reality and the truth is what we find within! Like thought, we have to be rigorous and careful about how we search and find our truths. How can mankind ever evolve if he believes God is external, non-existant, or worse, simply irrelevent to modern society.



July 11th, 2016