Digital publishing, communication and automation solutions for Print and Web

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Software design & development for complete digital publishing workflows

Menantol designs, builds and customises utility apps, WordPress widgets, WordPress Themes, datafile and imagefile processors, analysis and web scraping tools. Our Applescripts and Python scripts are targeted at completely automating complex and time consuming manual production tasks as well as circuitous fiddly workflows that might go through a sequence of software Applications and manual processes to completion. Such workflow solutions can easily be built into admin and management tasks and tools through integration with Excel, Word and email. All of this can be done rapidly, efficiently and VERY cost effectively. Workflows can be reduced at the top level into a few mouseclicks and an unattended process.

Website design and build, with customised coding, artwork and photography

Menantol doesn’t believe in reinventing the wheel and charging clients exorbitant design and production costs to do so. We build in WordPress, which is now the most common and popular web framework worldwide. 65% of all CMS websites are now created in WordPress for many good reasons: It is free and in the public domain, has SEO empowering ‘pretty permalinks’, has powerful blogging capability ‘out-of-the-box’ but most importantly it is equally adept as a complete CMS ( Content Management System) as it is a traditional blogging platform. WordPress is scripted in PHP and HTML which makes coding easier, and it runs on the most widely available hosting architectures ( Apache servers with PHP and MySQL databases).

Macintosh app automation for digital artwork production, software workflows and data

AppleScript and Python provide real world, low cost, low risk and low overhead ‘fire and forget’ production automation solutions. Any repetitive or complex set of computer based business or publishing tasks can be automated to save you no end of time, money, staffing costs and frustration.

Menantol supplies creative and production solutions from ‘studio support apps’ for Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Acrobat, QuarkXpress, OSX Finder and a host of other professional Apps. All things are possible, from publishing and editing tools to fully blown commercial digital production workflow solutions, scientific data analysis scripts, datafile cleansing and data reconstruction routines.

Branding & identity, graphic design, artworking & photography

Communication of a focused and memorable ‘brand’ is the current rage, where strong identity, visuals and recognisable USPs are ‘must’ messages required to promote a professional and aesthetic image that has recognisable and ‘stand-out’ value. Menantol handles all aspects of the design,branding and digital marcoms process in-house offering you a direct and single point of contact with whom you can communicate your ideas and input throughout the development process.