Personal Profile

A motivated, disciplined and multi-skilled individual in technical agile software product management (SCRUM) and software design, coding and product development. Specifically I have been deeply involved with digital art, typography, print and web publishing and production, as well as workflow automation solutions for over twenty years. User Interface design (UI) and User experience design (UX) to me are simply parts of a good software product designers sphere of influence and implicit in a technical product manager’s role, not ‘jobs’ in themselves.

With strong creative and coding skills, supported by excellent ‘people’ skills and a wealth of experience, I have a good intuitive understanding of group dynamics and work well to enable and catalyse ideas, people and causes in the promotion and execution of software projects. I can work and communicate effectively with all stakeholders and at any level or job role within an organisation without losing sight of the end-user. Quality ‘fit-for-purpose’ products demand quality listening and researching skills, effective communication and negotiation skills, diligent planning capability, attention to detail, awareness of ‘unfolding opportunities’ and an approach that squares with a customer’s perspective and satisfies their perceived ‘needs’. Modern methodology with rapidly reiterative prototyping and development demands a flexible approach and a need to regularly test and feedback as well as to recursively review and test any ‘assumptions’.

I have a proven track record in delivering successful and profitable innovative e-publishing solutions, workflows, software applications and websites, including nitty gritty details like preparing effective design briefs, writing user guides and delivering training courses.

Skills & Achievements

  • Self taught WordPress,Thesis Framework, PHP, CCS3 and HTML5. Created, managed and continue to develop over 50 plus commercial CMS websites with ecommerce for UK and North American clients.
  • Designed, coded and managed Artwork Production Automation systems in Point of Sale for SuperDrug, Co-Op Pharmacy and Threshers/Wine Rack. A week’s manual ‘artworking’ for two people could now be done unattended in 2 hours.
  • Implemented packaging artwork solutions for Syngenta, including managing and maintaining the internal CMS and the creation of Turkish Fonts for the Macintosh.
  • Designed various artwork pieces for Guerlain, Oliver Goldsmith, Simplon Orient Express, Viasys, Mattel and Laura Ashley.
  • Product managed and led development team on ‘TCP-IP XT’ and ‘Personalizer-XT’ (plug-ins for QuarkXPress automation), at TechnoDesign b.v. in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. Developed B2B business by creating developer tool sets, training courses and support materials as well as providing assistance to Third Party developers throughout mainland Europe. Managed team personnel.
  • Designed and managed software development of Elateral’s ActiStudio web based design automation tool, along with writing the user guide and training production teams within associate organisations in Paris, Hamburg and London. Recruited and managed support and training team personnel.
  • Responsible for implementing, resourcing and managing an in-house multilingual design studio for Freedman International plc. Created a PC to Mac character set translation tool for 29 European languages and created hybrid fonts for Acrobat to simplify and speed up ‘in-country’ multi-language text proofing and studio publishing productivity
  • Wrote and delivered seminars, road shows and keynotes on colour printing, colour matching and Tektronix colour proofing technology. Created Colortron based bespoke colour profiling for PostScript RIPs and used these to colour manage the proofing Proofing of Kent Messenger Group Newspaper Press and McCorquodale Card Technology Press using Tektronix Solid Ink and Dye Sublimation proofing devices (Desktop Colour Printers).

Career Summary

Web Developer / Graphic Designer / Programmer

at Menantol | Vilnius, Lithuania
– since August 2017 from Vilnius,
– since January 2015 from Westminster
– since September 2012 from Bookham, Surrey

Web Developer, Graphic Designer and Programmer – building a broad range of clients in the English speaking world. Specialising in concept, design, construction and delivery of CMS based websites using WordPress, frameworks (such as Thesis) and PHP code, as well as Macintosh based publishing workflow solutions and creative design for web and print. A prominent aspect of this role is the provision of consultancy services as well as complete project management and ongoing website support and development for a portfolio of over 50 international clients.

Web Developer, Graphic Designer & Programmer

at Crankpin | London & Cornwall
– from November 2009 to August 2012

Working in partnership with my then fiancé (an SEO, Social Media and Content Strategist) offering a complete one-stop web design, build, launch, maintenance and SEO/Analytics service as a Web Developer, Graphic Designer and Programmer – building a broad range of clients in the English speaking world: specialising in concept, design, construction and delivery of CMS based websites using WordPress and PHP code; designing and producing Macintosh based publishing workflow solutions and creative design for web and print. A prominent aspect of this role was to provide consultancy as well as project management and ongoing website support and development for a portfolio of over 50 international clients.

Applications Analyst, Developer & Product Manager

at APS Group | based at Superdrug and FQR, and from home
– from February 2008 to November 2009

Researched, designed, developed, deployed and managed bespoke commercial Macintosh automated workflow products and supporting solutions for the pre-press artwork production workflow in point of sale (POS) print.

Responsible for project management and coding from concept through to implementation and training. Clients included design and production studios at APS customer locations: Superdrug Stores, Co-op Pharmacy and FQR (The Local, Threshers and Wine Rack retail stores). In addition, I developed automated content creation and image manipulation solutions in many areas of day-to-day graphic design studio operations. I wrote and deployed data conversion, data manipulation and data integrity checking utilities to minimise errors in customer supplied data as well as to bridge to the existing data processing /handling techniques currently used by APS Account Management staff. My role was to introduce automation to maximize performance of all studio based artwork production.

Designer / Artworker / CMS Administrator

at GQ Design/Assetlink contracted to Syngenta in Guildford
– from September 2006 to January 2008

Designed and verified ‘press ready’ packaging, labelling and instructions-for-use artwork, print templates and logos for a multinational. Responsibilities included: development of recommendations for the management of artwork and digital assets using various Web-based content management systems to maintain corporate identity, ensure quality and availability throughout the supply chain.

In addition the role required the provision of Mac OSX and pre-press expertise, training and support as well as the development of application usage skills in QuarkXPress, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. One notable point was my creation of a set of functional Turkish fonts for western latin computers for use within our distributed in-country design agencies.

Studio Manager / Web Developer / Graphic Designer

at Guild Eidetic Design | Gomshall
– from August 2005 to September 2006

Responsible for the design and production of corporate identity, web site creation and maintenance, packaging design and artwork, 3D rendered artwork, concepts and animation, traditional typeset brochures, instructions-for-use manuals, product data sheets, technical illustrations and exhibition panels.

Notable client work included: concept and design of Guerlain lapel badges, Simplon Orient Express carrier bags, and Oliver Goldsmith spectacle case.


– August 2002 – August 2004

Software Product Manager

at TechnoDesign B.V | Zoetermeer
– from June 2001 to August 2002

Product Manager for a software / web solutions development company in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, overseeing QuarkXPress automation Xtension development for 3rd party developers which included: TCP-IP XT, a TCP/IP enabled scriptable Xtension that provided remotely (web) driven real-time automated document construction/production, and Personalizer-X, a variable data personalisation XTension. Responsibilities included product design and development, sales and technical support, product training, seminars and exhibitions, writing and producing training materials, user documentation and software coding demos using Ruby, AppleScript and mySQL.

Software Product Manager

at Elateral Limited | Farnham
– from June 1999 to June 2001

Responsible for specification, design, testing, European wide end-user training and formal documentation for ActiStudio, a real-time content creation application (QuarkXPress XTension) for Elateral’s ActiBrand, a Web B2B channel marketing product. The solution depended on the client design agency having the programmatic skills in addition to graphic design skills to create the automation for the ‘variable’ design content within marketing campaigns. This required effective campaign content design and user training, which were critical to the product’s success.

Electronic Publishing Manager

at Freedman International South Bank, London
– from February 1997 to June 1999

Managed multilingual typesetting and production support across 40 users in 30 production languages on Mac and PC platforms. Designed and implemented digital workflows and technologies based on client needs to speed time-to-market and increase efficiencies. Improved proofing and language validation across all European regions, and brought design and development fully in-house by establishing a multilingual production studio.

Designed and implemented a PC to Mac font character translation utility into the production process,along with a simplified workflow using existing PDF technology in a better way, allowing a markedly reduced time-to-market and securing a £4m contract with Xerox to produce their European sales and marketing literature.

Applications Specialist

at Tektronix (UK) Ltd. | Marlow, Buckinghamshire
– from March 1994 to January 1997

Pre and post sales technical specialist for corporate and key accounts. This role required the provision of full support and training to an extensive UK reseller channel, along with preparation and delivery of product presentations at seminars and exhibitions. An important aspect was to liaise at the reseller director level and client user level ( mainly creative design agencies) to resolve any technical issues with printing such as: issues with application drivers and network configuration, resolve Pantone colour proofing and SWOP Euroscale Press simulation issues. Mainly my role was to catalyse the sales process, train staff, and further promote the Tektronix brand and customer relationship within resellers and within London’s top creative design agencies.

Technical Support Specialist

at CalComp Limited ! Twyford, Berkshire
– from June 1987 to January 1994

Responsible for the UK technical hotline for CalComp digitiser, colour printer and plotter products. Also responsible for testing digitiser and printer product performance with a range of 3rd party ‘graphics’ software applications and their drivers, and liaising with development teams in Anaheim CA and Scottsdale AZ. Responsible for promoting and supporting Calcomp driver development to development teams of unsupported 3rd party products.

Developed skills in a wide range of applications software such as QuarkXPress, Autocad, Painter, Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop.


University of Sussex – Brighton, Sussex: 1983-1986
BSc.(Hons.) Neurobiology and Experimental Psychology

Brooklands Technical College – Weybridge, Surrey: 1981-1983
3 A levels – Biology, Mathematics and Statistics
1 O/A level – Applied Mathematics

Howard of Effingham School – Bookham, Surrey: 1978-1981
10 O levels – Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Art