Credit where credit is due..

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Any credit for my stuff/my life goes to:

To Esther

– Mano angelas iš Vilniaus x

To Denny Fraser

– For a life in three years.

Featured Artists / Creatives , Notables etc

Artist’s work that I’ve displayed here is in homage to their skill and creativity. Long may it continue. Please don’t get grumpy, call it free advertising!. Also, all instances of others work have links to their respective owner’s commercial web site and can clearly be seen to show who is the author of what. – thanks.

Attributions for other (influences) images

For any attributions and recognitions that I have inadvertently overlooked, please email me at

Paul Vallance ( ) reserves the moral right to be identified as the author of all artwork, websites, programming solutions, etc displayed on this site, except for images displayed specifically to feature the work of a named influencer, or elsewhere where attribution is specifically given.

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