An example of The Guardian manipulating truth to promote their biased and corrupt agenda

The Editor,

What a ridiculous Orwellian mouthpiece the Guardian has become! Manipulating information and making fake news by OMISSION is about all you can do when the story doesn’t fit your narrative ( see below). You have become just another irrelevant mainstream fake news outfit doing a disservice to the British public. You have squandered your credibility and are morally bankrupt.

The public are not fools, and I certainly won’t let you insult my intelligence. I wouldn’t send money to your company for you to undermine the British people.

Case in point:

Your article on ‘Tommy Robinson Center-Parcs’ is fake news, manipulated to push a narrative, to label and destroy the reputation of a man only seeking justice. You fail to mention the following:

1. A Man sexually assaults Tommy’s daughter
2. Tommy approaches man who admits that he interfered with the girl
3. The man grabs Tommy by the neck
4. Tommy defends himself
5. Tommy then gets arrested
6. Man who has already admitted sexual assault does not get arrested

I put it to you that these events like all the others are put up jobs, in order to smear , slander and destroy a man that is fighting for justice to be heard – a privilege that you exercise but use wilfully to corrupt the truth, cancel debate and shut down diversity of discussion. Your epitaph will be that you colluded to foist an Orwellian ‘thoughtcrime’ culture onto the UK. You are traitors to your own people. You should be ashamed of your collusion.

Yours in contempt

Paul Vallance

Here is the Guardian’s FAKE NEWS:

Tommy Robinson faces assault charge after Center Parcs arrest

Here’s the real news

The Title of the article should read:
“Man defends daughter’s targeted sexual assault by violent Muslim activist”

This is clearly another put up job in order to smear Tommy Robinson.

By blatent ommission of the FACTS the Guardian article continues to push a narrative (lie) of Tommy Robinson being a violent fascist. This is slander, a put up job and is sanctioned by the State and enforced through the Police via an ad hoc two tier application of the LAW. i.e ignore what they are told to ignore and press to furthest extent when they want to silence somebody.