Freedom of speech and the rights and wrongs of individuals

As Jordan Peterson rightly points out after his ‘revealing’ interview on Channel 4 with Kathy Newman, there is a serious problem today with the erosion of individual freedoms such as ‘freedom of speech’, as well as the setting and pushing of agendas and untruths by thoroughly hypocritical, unethical and overbearing News Media corporations closely tied to the agendas of the competing factions of power. Of course Peterson is now seen as a threat and being targeted at every opportunity in order to discredit him for no other reason than his bringing of conscious awareness ( through thoughtful and articulated dialogue) to the problems humanity faces.

This is old news but perhaps on further analysis it shows the role of karma in the righting and balancing of bad psychological ‘energy’ projected into existence for the purpose of denigrating and subjugating another human being. The purpose of such bad projection is always to resolve or expunge an inner conflict but also deflect it from consciousness at the same time. ( I cover the real nature of the conflict at the end of this article.)

If this was just a one off error of judgement by Kathy Newman then perhaps we could forgive her, though Peterson is really on the button by noticing the many psychological levels interplaying here that it is difficult to break down into a coherent analysis. Perhaps Kathy isn’t really up to the task but she continually pushed her agenda, didn’t listen to a word he said and then put her own words in his mouth. She was thoroughly and unnecessarily combative in trying to ‘intellectually’ outdo the man and win her ‘power game’ to the point that she ‘undid’ herself in a fabulously revealing hypocritical moment in which she gets pointed out and gently ‘dressed down’. Even then she couldn’t understand her error and was unable to resolve her ‘cognitive dissonance, so sat speechless umm’ing and ahh’ing and looking non plussed, to then go straight back on the attack for which her hypocricy called her out.

Peterson’s later comment that her Jungian ‘Animus’ took over in trying to dominate him, win the ‘argument’ ( of which there was none) and make him look ridiculous was ‘clear sighted’ understanding. Her efforts to ‘stick one on him’ backfired so blatantly, pointedly and directed that it revealed to me the operation of karma in the Universe. The instantaneous and resolving nature of the karma surprised Peterson too.. to which all he said was “ah — got you”

The Universe, or more accurately our individual minds, which are subsets of universal mind ( as drops are to an ocean), sooner or later don’t let us off our indiscretions which then come back to us for resolution and rebalancing. Honesty, integrity, composure and a refusal to be combative is the best protection against evil behaviour. My error in life has always been to get combative and respond in the face of ‘evil’ ( ‘unconsciously driven negative behaviour’ ) directed at myself in the hope of reasoning it into non-existence. Not kow-tow’ing to bullying, selfish or ignorant behaviour and taking a reactive stance seemed to me to be the honourable thing to do, but in fact the results show that it doesn’t work and even with the best intentions I get burned, stressed and pile a whole load more grief on myself, when smiling and walking away would have been the better solution. Unconsciously driven people can only come to fundamental truths of decency, ethics and morality by their own making and in their own time, not by our intervention.

By being tempted into a response or reaction to a bad energy situation we lower ourselves to its level and get embroiled and stressed in its chaotic and illogical existence. Neither do we know the ramifications of our own response behaviour. As outcomes are more often than not unfavourable, its best to remain dignified and not get drawn in in the first place.

It seems to me that Kathy tried to interview but she unconsciously believed she was in a therapy session, so out came the references to her victim mentality, female subjugation by men, her going back to playing with Cindy dolls, and admitting to be caustic, pushy and aggressive in order to to make it as a woman in a Man’s world. So what was it that caused the playout of her subconscious

Let’s look into her soul and infer that in Kathy’s ambitious pursuit of career “as her only barometer of meaning to her life and proof of a life well lived” perhaps she had to sell too much of her soul in order to achieve the position and status she craved. Such is her hollow victory that only this can really explain her inability to control her unconscious bitterness and resentfulness of men, even though she is actually a successful and well paid News anchor.

Jordan Peterson Channel 4 interview with Kathy Newman