Astrology is rightly called the oldest science. Its origins can be traced back 5000 years. As a method or metaphor for understanding and typifying the human psyche it appears to hold up very well for me under close inspection. I haven’t even thought about the predictive side of Astrology, preferring to stick to Birth Chart interpretation as a kind of profiling.

The Pythagorans say ‘Look at the sky at Dawn’ – to remind ourselves of the constancy of those heavenly bodies, their perpetual round of their own duty, their order, their purity, and their nakedness. No star wears a veil.

Meditations – Marcus Aurelius

If life is all one big cosmic dance then the study of Astrology and your birth chart are a fascinating alternative take on how you view yourself by looking at how Astrology and the planets view you. At every turn it seems a beautifully symmetrical and harmonic system. The science of plotting the exact position and interactions of the planets at the moment of one’s birth and then interpreting that event, if nothing else, is a beautifully romantic notion, and an interesting exercise to boot. It also appeases a deep and integral need in our humanity, to ‘know and feel’ that we are connected in an emotional way to the universe, not just in the physical stardust that makes up our bodies but in everything we see and touch.

Paul Vallance Natal Chart