TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN in the LNSW community.

Please note that this page is linked to Late Night Software’s (LNSW) Forum. LNSW asked me to make a direct link to this unbranded download page, so the headers, menus and footers have all been removed. Anyone who comes here directly from LNSW Forum will not see anything that remotely looks like a ‘sales or advertising pitch’ ;-). I hope that this ‘extra effort’ to recode my website to comply with LNSW’s request, so that its ‘community’ can access Library for FREE and benefit from what really should already be in vanilla AppleScript, satisfies all the scratchy, pithy and overtly paranoid AppleScripters in the LNSW community that complained. To those people, I say, don’t drag me down to your level. I’m giving away to you for free my competitive advantage over you and all you can do is focus on what you think is unfair. I don’t need or want to tout for business on a community Applescript platform, I don’t stoop that low. You could have just come to my website and downloaded the Library and then just gone away unbeknownst to me. I’m not logging visitors here or asking for email addresses or even signing you up as members first. I don’t even have comments enabled so I’m not even asking for a thankyou. haven’t been around for many years but their AppleScript library has proven invaluable and indispensable to me for 17 years!

What is the 2.0 Library?

The Library is a collection of 150 AppleScript functions. It allows AppleScript writers to quickly and easily write powerful scripts with only a few lines of code. Each function has been rigorously tested and is optimized for speed.

Below is the download link to the full version ( version 2.0) , not the demo version – which I am offering to AppleScript users and lovers for free.

Yes, it’s true that the Library is not mine to give away, but the Company that made it went out of business years ago (even though they made a great product!). In my opinion this library is absolutely ESSENTIAL for any AppleScript officianado in order to plug all those holes that make the vanilla version of AppleScript too verbose and clunky (ie a pain in the ass). I think its important to increase awareness of such a ‘power’ tool and also reacquaint people with it for the good of AppleScript and the AppleScript community as a whole. Hopefully this ‘gem’ won’t get lost in the mists of time. Reference package contains:

  • Library (as a compiled script) to be added to your scripting additions folder – containing 150 functions listed in the Reference Guide.
  • 36 examples covering File functions, General functions, List functions, Math functions, Process functions and String functions
  • Reference Guide

To load the library into your script at compile time just add the following:

–This line will load the Library at compile time. (The Library will be embedded when you export your script.)
property parent : load script alias (((path to scripting additions from local domain) as text) & “ Library”)

However, if you are running an automation app with a bunch of different libraries I found it best to to do this:

set lib to load script alias (((path to scripting additions from local domain) as text) & “ Library”)

then in your code call the library as normal

tell Lib
etc etc
end tell


Download Library 2.0

Download Library Clips and Scripts menus
for Script Debugger (4 to 7)

Clips n Scripts menu

Place extracted folders in your User/Library/Application Support/Script Debugger 4,5,6,7 folder