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My Gemini Moon in the 9th House.

If you wondered whether Atsrology is true or not, take it from me, it’s TRUE! Don’t believe me? Find out in which house the Moon was in at the moment of your birth. Get an Astrological interpretation of your Moon’s house and see just how much of your life has revolved around and been shaped by the Moon in your Nth House. See how accurately this one interpretation can explain much of your soul’s strivings but has remained hidden to your ‘material’ conscious awareness.

The 9th takes us to uncharted territories and gifts us with new perspectives. It rules travel to faraway places, higher education, religion, philosophy, mysticism, divination, and publishing—endeavours that increase our understanding and broaden the scope of our lives.

My Moon is in the 9th House and this is what Dana Gerhardt ‘spookily has to say about my aspect.The 9th encourages our quest for meaning in life. But generally we don’t go there until life falls apart. Few of us retire gaily to our dens to pen our personal philosophies. Something upends us and starts our questioning. There is an astrological connection between the 9th house and crisis. The 9th follows the 8th house of death and dissolution. In the 8th the ground is razed, monsters crawl up from the basement, our identities are stripped and laid bare. Something we’ve held onto dies. At such moments, we raise our eyes and seek a higher power’s grace. We want to connect with something greater than ourselves. Would we look for the gods if our tummies were full and life were constantly joyful?

From Dana Gerhardt

Au revoir England! Bon voyage UK.

Friends, family, colleagues, clients and England, it’s almost time to say goodbye! Esther and I are leaving in August for Vilnius, Lithuania, to begin a new adventure. Goodbye Paul Vallance, hello Paulus Valančius!

Menantol will continue creating commercial: artwork, photography, websites and Macintosh apps from the new location although I’m hoping to branch out and do some English Language work such as copywriting for companies as well as do some teaching for Lithuanian children.

Most of all I’m looking forward to learning the Lithuanian language, which for those of you not-in-the-know is related to Sanskrit and is possibly one of the oldest languages in Europe. I’m also looking forward to keeping up the Valančius tradition of doing good works for the people of Lithuania, though focusing on charitable work for the disadvantaged children and youths, the stories of which will hopefully be posted on this site in due course.

I’ll miss the beautiful English countryside, Mole Valley and the North Downs in particular, our wonderful climate and the good old English sensibility and ever disappearing culture. I’ll miss Young’s Special beer and Tetley Tea (though I’ll get that posted to me if I can only find Twinings or Liptons at the other end.)

Sveiki atvykę į Lietuvą