Piaget and ‘one in the eye for British post-Imperialism’

An explantion of the problem and disintegration of British Society in Biological and Sociological terms.

The term phenocopy is currrently applied to an exogenous and nonhereditary somatic modification which imitates quite precisely the morphological characteristics of a true mutation or hereditary (genotypic) variation. There is general agreement that the formation of this imitative adaptation precedes in time that of the corresponding mutation. The generality in the process of the phenocopy suggests that all (biological) adaptation begins with phenotypic explorations or trials and is not the result of numerous chance events sorted out by later selections.

– Jean Piaget, Adaptation and Intelligence 1974

There is a close relation and identity between the processes of organic (biological) and cognitive (psychological) phenocopy. The properties of equilibration and self-regulation (i.e those of Life itself!) denote the existence of the endogenous (internal) reconstruction ( and re-equilibration) of unstable exogenous (external / environmental) acquisitions. The internal reconstruction is in RESPONSE to the external environment.

So if the resulting genotypic adapation is virtually identical to the preceding phenotypic adaptation, this convergence suggests the hereditary fixation of environmentally triggered adaptations. As Piaget says “Diverse degrees of environmental intervention have therefore to be considered”.

Human beings as well as all other organisms genetic ‘stock’ is massively sensitive in expression and hereditary fixation according to environmental pressure.

Environmental pressure, created by an elitist, out of touch Government that panders to the wealth securing and tax evading whims of the ‘Empire-created’ Establishment, is currenty unbearable for the majority of UK citizens, hence Brexit and the terrible current social unrest. How clever for all these privately educated self-serving politicians to false flag us and divert post Imperial exploitation and disregard of the lower classes at their own hand into blaming an external source, the EU.. ( sing along to the Dad’s Army tune ) …Who do you think you are kidding Mr Barnier!

What drove the Newspapers to blame the EU and immigration and to support Brexit and the Tory Brexiteers? Simple. It was all one big ruse to divert attention away from the real issue, The EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive that must be inplemented into British law by 2019/2020. This would have destroyed the existing Offshore Tax Avoidance schemes that London’s Banking system and the Establishment (including all of the Tory cabinet) live and thrive off. Currently the Governemnt ( and by inference, the people of the UK) get so little tax revenue to pay for public services, education and disadvantaged people ( now the majority) that services are being cut to virtually non-existent proportions. Corporations pay little to no tax, the wealthies pay little to no tax and hide all their money away, getting huge government tax breaks to privately educate their kids, whilst the secondary school system becomes an underfunded Tory joke. Any sane man or woman with half a brain KNOWS that you cannot successfully ‘privatise’ and competitize ‘life’ based on Darwin’s half baked theory of Evolution/Eugenics rammed down our throats for the past 150 years… for gods sake people GET SOME SENSE!!!!!!! Society should be about co-operation, consideration, sharing, not copeting exploiting and controlling.

Hoarding wealth, privilege, power and opportunity by the few for the few is destroying this country and tearing apart our society. We’re being led by the blind who are thankfully falling into the Brexit hole, which will be the mirror of their FAILURES to understand to care, to consider, to make an egalitarian society for all.