– for David Vallance (16 Nov. 1934 – 12th Nov.2002)

Time creeps on, and day by day
We fumble or hide what we want to say.
Banishing all thought on life, loss and sorrow
As the Sun will rise, there’s a chance for tomorrow.

But for you – dear Father, tomorrow will never come
And our plans become dust and out hearts undone.
The veil of life is lifted, you’ve shown us what’s true
Is there anything now we can say or do?

It’s not in our power to undo what’s done
It’s not in our nature to hide from the Sun
It’s not in our will to deny you your rest
It’s now only our acts that your memory will bless.

Your humble, kind and charitable heart
leaves a loving memory that can never depart
You gave in abundance without expecting return
Though your love and respect we still want to earn.

It’s now in our hands to accept God’s plan
It’s now on our minds to understand
It’s now in our hearts to reflect what you said
As we carry you here without fear or dread.

Your brothers and sisters, your family and friends
Pay tribute with tears at your long journey’s end.
We’re fortunate to have known you, and are so glad of this
that we should rejoice in your ascension, rather than rue what we miss.

The people bear witness, I am a testament to your love
So my duty must now be ordained from above.
I love you now, and tomorrow and always will
Goodbye and godspeed, I’ll cherish the memories until…