about Website builds

“All the worlds a Skype and we are merely players”

I started building WordPress websites commercially in 2009 with my then American partner Denny Fraser. We ran Crankpin together from home In London and then from Cornwall. I handled all the production and development and Denny handled all the sales and marketing. Naturally we had many American clients, which made Denny feel more connected and me very busy. Remote working over a 6 to 8 hour time difference does require really effective communication and planning.

Living and working together at home is the most difficult situation for any couple. For us it didn’t work out. The memories, the passion and the dedication though are still here, bound up in all the artwork and the websites, recorded here more for posterity than as a sales tool.

The fluidity of the internet and the rapidity of changes in the digital world somewhat mirrors human thought patterns. Some of these websites no longer exist, as business come and go and ideas change. Some sites have been rebranded and others are still there in all their ‘glory’.

Commercial Website Gallery