Biology and Knowledge


In the beginning was the Word?

If the word was with God then the (allegorical?) fall of Humanity must have occurred when the word was no longer with God, ie with us! Let’s investigate!

In our individual development we start before birth with conscious awareness & intuition (inherited intelligence?), and then through early childhood we learn a native language and at some stage internalise the language in order to think verbally. Cognition is therefore socially engineered to formulate ideas based on societal pressure and from those ideas we individualise our ‘perceptions’. Perceptions are not passive, they are active and are lenses through which our consciousnesses ‘see’ . What we see and believe is in the words of Piaget a combination of accomodation to and assimilation of our environment ( i.e. EVERYTHING that is non-self). If we bring ‘conditions’ to an experience, we don’t experience correctly, we are in error, causing us to respond with inappropriate behaviour. We are not accomodating correctly. ANY conditions we bring to ‘the moment’ causes further errors in our interpretation and understanding, because the state or manner in which the observation occurs changes the reality of the moment (quantum physics) and in order for us to ‘make sense’ of this we have to assimilate it to our current wordview perception.

How can we see the truth and the reality of a moment. Remove all opinions and judgements of it, remove any conditions we bring with us into the moment. Be self-aware. Consciousness is equally valuable observing the observer as it is the observed! For some reason we forget that consciousness isn’t really inside our heads or individual to each of us, and so we forget to include ourselves in the light of its awareness!