and IceBow’s

Menantol, hmmm, it sounds like a happy pill. Maybe not such a bad domain name after all!

Last Sunday was bright and clear, so much so, that later in the day when driving back home from Brands Hatch circuit in Kent , I saw a ‘SunBow’ or was it an ‘IceBow’ – don’t know because have never seen one before. The sky was crystal clear with a wafer thin layer of cloud directly to the right of the low autumn Sun and at the same elevation. About 30 degrees to the right of the Sun and within this strip of cloud was a vertical ellipse of refracted light visible for about 45 minutes. The ellipse must have been about 10˙ in elevation and vertically laddered as in R(ed)ichard O(range)f Y(ellow)ork G(reen)ave B(lue)attle I(ndigo)n V(iolet)ain. It must have been ice forming in the cloud, as there were no other clouds in the sky. Not that I’m one for seeing signs in the heavens – this multicolored ellipse became the hilt of a white sword of cloud, with the sword pointing at the sun, something like this: