Natal Chart

Paul Vallance
25/10/1964 05:25 GMT
Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom
51ºN 16′ 0ºW 22′

Sun in Scorpio 1º49′
Moon in Gemini 26º15′
Ascendant in Libra 17º18′

Major Aspects

Grand Trine : Sun & Mercury trine Moon & Moon’s North Node trine Saturn
Mars opposite Saturn (forming Kite with Sun Moon and Saturn)
Moon in the 9th House
Moon conjunct Moon’s North Node (0 degrees 3 minutes)
Moon opposite Chiron
Chiron conjuct South Node
Venus conjunct Pluto and Uranus

I was born 10 weeks early. To be born under such a grand trine involving 4 planets with the Moon exactly conjunct with it’s karmic north node at an infinitesimal 0 degrees 3 minutes, can’t have been a coincidence.