Britain, WATCH, don’t be WOKE and WAKE UP

The following two videos will tell you all you need to know about the state of ‘multicultural’ United Kingdom, free speech, and the fake media/fake news pumped out by the BBC etc to push an agenda.

These two videos will change your perceptions.. No matter what your CURRENT opinion is you owe it to yourself to INVESTIGATE THE FACTS and find the truth beneath the layers of deception foisted on you by the woke establishement. They don’t want us to know the Truth. Once you see the incontrovertible evidence of lies, fabrication and slander in the name of woke multiculturism to hide the facts, distort the truth and to destroy reputations you’ll see just how Orwellian the UK has become.

The lies perpetrated against a patriotic man seeking fair justice for all

Cover ups by the Police in collusion with the British Government over the two tier policing system in the UK