Cultured Code’s ‘Things’ To-Do Manager


In order to add a new Thing ( item) to your ‘Things’ To-Do List means having to activate the Things app first so that it then recognises the keyboard combo for a quick item entry or otherwise launching the app first so that you can then ‘add a new item’ by clicking the relevent menu item. Either way it’s an extra step and all a bit naff!

Cultured Code weren’t interested in fixing this oversight when I spoke to them asking to provide an Apple Menu Item solution for quick item entry. Anyway, ThingsThingy is an Apple Menu app I’ve written in Swift 3 ( which sits in the top right of the Apple Menu and so is always available). When you want to add a new Thing you type Command-Shift-T on the Keyboard or select “new Thing” from the dropdown menu, no matter what app you’re in or what windows are currently active on the desktop. Voila!

Here are the screen shots