Vivien Cumming’s website

a SquareSpace for a round world

The last website I built in SquareSpace was in 2017 for Vivien Cumming, wildlife photographer and contributor to BBC Earth.
See Vivien Cumming’s website.

The beauty of SquareSpace is that it is relatively simple and quick to make a functional and presentable website, however if you want to customise the look of a theme or do anything slightly ‘not-out-of-the-box then there is a lot of fiddling about and wringing of hands. I remember spending a week just researching the themes Vivien liked and testing them out to see if they contained the functionality within them to display the posts and galleries in the way she desired so as to do her fabulous photography and stories justice.

It still looks great, though I guess she’s off climbing Kilimanjaro or kayaking down a river in Borneo!