What is Truth?

A response to Carl Benjamin @ Akkad Daily regarding the Orwellian Dystopia that the United Kingdom is becoming.

Well said.These often just handful of identity politicking activists ( many just loud and vociferous stooges with powerful influential and hidden backers.. (e.g Saudi’s/ The Independent) in truth, secretly hate themselves and deal with their angst by seeing and judging everyone outside their ‘fictional group identity’ through their own lens of hate. If they were loving and democratic, they would behave in such a way to allcomers. So would we all. These people ‘project ‘ their false truths and undermine their own arguments with false logic and ignorance.. They are known by their actions. “Tree and fruit come to mind”. This is all DIVERSIONARY tactics by the pawns of the new ideology who are being led like sheep by the puppetmasters to get all of us to focus on something OTHER than what is really happening. I put it to the World that we have Saudi Oil money and islamic [political] ideology (not islamic religion) being used to destroy western values in order to pave the way for Sharia Law in the West. Opposing this we have Rothschild owned Fed and American Capitalism pushing the Zionist cause – and not a conscientious form of Capitalism. Both of these groups oppose each other but also oppose democracy and wish to remove any form of perceived threat to their own agendas. This post-modern Marxist Orwellian dystopia we are now living in the West is the result of the planned destruction of core western values. Christianity has become irrelevant simply because we have not really understood its true message. It doesn’t matter whether an external God exists or not. Anyone who cites the non-existence of God as an argument NOT to deny their ego and ignore the basic tenets of christianity are morally bankrupt and really have not meditated much on such fundamentals. The KEY to the door to life is to see, respect and acknowledge the divinity within all people because this is the ONLY place that any divine aspect can come into being (or materialise)* for want of a better word. To recognize the divinity in all one must love and forgive others as oneself and oneself as one loves and forgives others. Only selfish egos demand a God to save them in the afterlife. These are the same one’s who want to be ‘seen praying’. It’s not about YOU, its not about an afterlife, its about humankind, our societies our survival, and evolution to something more that a rapacious thinking animal. The true message of love and forgiveness is the power that personkind forsakes for his/her/its/ their ( God help me) obsession with material things and personal power over others…how fickle and shallow.. such a wasted, meaningless life. Let him who has ears HEAR.

*as evidenced from the life of the man Jesus who’s divine aspect Christ became material (flesh)… and thus of this world to be witnessed and shared amongst a brotherhood of men and women.